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Canada's Regulatory Leadership Recruitment Service


RegulatoryJobs Executive Recruitment supports Canadian regulatory bodies with complex search processes to retain senior members of leadership teams.

A service by MDR Strategy Group Ltd., we provide our clients with innovative search and selection methodologies tailored to respond to their strategic priorities.  Our success is based on our unmatched sector expertise, our reputation for service excellence, and the confidence we instill in our clients by knowing their work and challenges to identify the right talent.

Our services are most effectively suited for senior leadership roles:

• Chief Executive Officers
• Executive Directors
• Registrars
• Deputy Registrars
• Senior legal professionals
• Senior finance professionals
• Senior investigators
• Senior communications personnel

The MDR Strategy Group Advantage

We enable clients to to achieve their strategic goals by retaining a firm with unparalleled reach in the sector.

Our for regulators-by regulators brand is well known. We are deeply ingrained in the regulatory sector as advisors, partners, and a friend. We actively participate in industry conferences and other events around the world as speakers, delegates, and sponsors and are members of CLEAR (Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation), CNAR (Canadian Network of Agencies of Regulation), and IAMRA (International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities).

Our Process

From our initial search planning meeting to hiring and onboarding, we take our responsibility as a strategic partner seriously and have refined our recruitment process to ensure the highest level of service for both the candidates and clients we serve.

Prior to posting an employment opportunity, we work closely with our client to learn about the organization, its challenges, and the Board’s short and long-term priorities. That enables us to identify the right candidate for the job. We also look at external factors that could affect an organization, from new legislation to location, all factors have a role in finding your next leader. You will receive a roadmap from us generated by you and our team outlining our path to success. This roadmap will include all the details to successfully hire your next leader.

1. Search Planning

Examining internal and external factors that may impact the search process, we conduct a current state analysis and provide a roadmap to a successful outcome.

2. Opportunity Profile

Serious candidates need more information. Our Opportunity Profile, also known as an Executive Brief is an in-depth profile for candidates about the organization, role, staff, and culture, and the municipality in which the role is located and other important information.

3. Marketing / Positioning

We employ carefully targeted digital and traditional channels to strategically market and position the job opportunity to attract the right top-tier candidates.

4. Strategic Sourcing

We connect with our networks to spread the word about the employment opportunity, identify the right candidates, and encourage them to consider a meaningful career change.

5. Candidate Screening

Our comprehensive screening process will evaluate candidates’ skills, experience, and fit for your organization. On the employers request, we also conduct competency analyses, and criminal record checks and other statutory verifications.

6. Interviews

Depending on the number of candidates and our client needs, we oversee a number of interviews. From an initial qualification screening to meeting the potential future employer, our interviews are tailored to ensure that the client can learn what they need - and what we feel they need from each candidate to make an informed decision about next steps.

7. Employment Offer

We oversee the fomal offer of employment and support candidates with the transition to be successful on the first day of work.

8. Onboarding

Our tailored onboarding solutions will help empower your new leader and support your organization through transition.

9. Post Placement Follow-up

Thirty days into the new role, we contact the new employee to check in, hear from them and the employer about the new team member, and identify areas of support they need.

Placement guarantee

Deeply committed to our clients and success, we provide a one-year placement guarantee to support our efforts to recruit the right leader for your organization.


Organizations mandated by government to protect the public operate with the greatest impact when their operations reflect the diversity of the public they protect.

Regulatory Jobs Executive Search works closely with clients to identify the right fit for the organization, by ensuring an inclusive slate of executive candidates for every search assignment. Actively involved in diversity and inclusion in our management consulting and communications practices, we bring unique sector insight into trends in diversity, inclusion, and leadership, allowing us to support organizations in their commitment and journey to be an accurately represented organization.

Our Team

Robin Harding, MBA, CHRL

Executive Recruitment Lead

Robin is a senior HR professional with more than 25 years of broad HR and strategic and operational leadership experience.

An expert recruiter for non-profit, private, and public sector organizations, Robin has been a trusted strategic advisor to senior leadership in organizational transformation and is recognized for her work defining structures, developing short and long-term HR and compensation strategies, full benefits reviews and implementation, influencing executives, and broad policy development.

A professor of HR Management at Mohawk College, Robin is a member of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA). She is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL), has an MBA in Human Resources Management and received a BA from King’s University College.

Daniel Roukema

MDR Strategy Group Ltd.

Daniel is a seasoned and award-winning communications professional recognized for his innovation and thought leadership in non-profit organizational design. A recognized facilitator, keynote speaker, and instructor, he has maintained an unwavering commitment to social impact in Canada and around the world for thirty years.

Daniel held senior communications roles at the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (Director of Communications) and the Real Estate Council of Ontario (Special Advisor, External Communications). He has also led transformational change processes at provincial and national levels including establishing communications units at the Condominium Authority of Ontario and the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario. Internationally and beyond regulation, he led the communications and marketing efforts for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe to launch a worldwide sustainable infrastructure evaluation methodology to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Director, Policy & Communications

College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO)

Director, Professional Conduct

College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO)

College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO)